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Enjoy the most popular word game togetherSCRABBLE!

In Scrabbleplayers create words with letter tiles to score points on the game board. Each tile printed a letter on it is specified a numerical value. When a player form a new word or modify a previously played wordhe can score. When all tiles have been used and one player has no tiles to drawthe game ends. Calculate the scorethe one who has the highest number of points wins the game.

Try your best to get more scores!

Total points of all tiles 187.

Each tile is specified a different numerical value. Have brainstorm and form high-scoring words as possible as you can.

Numerical Value-Letters


2 Point - DG

3 Point - BCMP

4 Point - FHVWY

5 Point - K

8 Point - JX

10 Point - QZ

Make your life more interesting - Our Wood Scrabble Tiles are not only used for Scrabble Gamethey also can transform into fridge magnets by sticking our Magicfly magnetic sheet. Decorate your refrigerator with these tiles to make it more artistic.

There are a lot of creative ideas making your life more colorful - like incorporating these tiles in your coasterbirthday cakegiftengagement photographspaintroom decorationcupcake toppersor hand-made.

Make your child's life full of fun - Scrabble the letter tiles with your child and stick them on the table to make the table at home full of literary atmosphere.


  • Size 20 x 18 x 4 mm
  • Package include 100 tiles/Set x 5 Set * 2 + Storage Box * 2
  • Each set include A-9B-2C-2D-4E-12F-2G-3H-2I-9J-1K-1 L-4M-2N-6O-8P-2Q-1R-6S-4T-6U-4V-2W-2X-1Y-2Z-1Blank-2


These letter tiles made of wood chipsit should be kept away from water. If it gets wetplease dry and ventilate it immediately.

Premium Material Made from solid wood. Clear screen printed letters and numbers make it easier to read and hard to wear off.
Standard Size These tiles are the standard scrabble game size at 0.7 x 0.8 inches / 0.15 inches thick. (18 x 20 mm /4 mm)
Best GiftIt can be used for early childhood educationspelling gamescrossword game promoting intimate relationship between parents and children.
More FunPerfect for crafting projects e.g. artworkspicture frameswedding name tagshome decoration. Express your creativities!
Package Include100 tiles/Set x 5 Set *2 + Storage Box * 1. Each set include A-9B-2C-2D-4E-12F-2G-3H-2I-9J-1K-1 L-4M-2N-6O-8P-2Q-1R-6S-4T-6U-4V-2W-2X-1Y-2Z-1Blank-2