125 Magnetic Chess Set with Folding Chess Board Outdoor Travel Portable Chess Set for Adults and Kids Black White Color Travel Games Multi HIhHKL7zo

125 Magnetic Chess Set with Folding Chess Board Outdoor Travel Portable Chess Set for Adults and Kids Black White Color Travel Games Multi HIhHKL7zo

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12.5'' Interior Storage Folding Chess Board with Magnetic Pieces

Classic Chess Set

  • Classic Black and White Color
  • Made from High Quality HIPS Plastic Materials
  • Magnetic Design
  • Chess Board Folding Design
  • Interior Storage Design

Suitable for children over 3 years oldadults and the elderlyregardless of gender

Suitable for family entertainmentcompany leisure atmospheretravel carryingchess competition and other scenes

Exercise children's thinking abilityenhance the cohesion of the family in the gameand shorten the sense of distance of people of different ages

Chess Pieces

Material Workmanship

  • Made from High Quality HIPS Plastic MaterialsDurable and long service life
  • Exquisite workmanshipDelicate feelRound without scratching hands
  • The smooth paint surface and HIPS plastic material make it easy to clean

Magnetic Flannelette

  • A magnet is arranged inside the bottom end of the chess piecewith moderate magnetismwhich can not only be well fixed on the chess boardbut also effortless to move the chess piecewhich is suitable for children and adults
  • Flocking technology is adopted at the bottom of the Chess Pieceswhich can well reduce the noise and protect the surface of the chessboard from being scratched

Chess Pieces Dimensions

  • King 2.6'' / 66mm
  • Queen 2.2'' / 56mm
  • Bishop 2.0'' / 50mm
  • Knight 1.8'' / 46mm
  • Rook 1.6'' / 40mm
  • Pawn 1.4'' / 36mm

Chess Board

High Quality Materials

The chessboard surface is painted with tinplateand the pattern is clear

The other parts are made of HIPS plasticdurable and long service life

Numbers Letters Marked

The chessboard is marked with numbers and letters to better assist the teaching process

Interior Storage Design

  • There is plenty of space inside the chessboard to easily accommodate all the chess pieces and teaching instructions
  • The internal buckle and hinge design prevent the chessboard from being opened easilychess pieces are not easy to lose

Folding Design

  • ChessBoard Playing Dimensions 12.5" x 0.8" x 12.5"
  • ChessBoard Folding Dimensions 12.5" x 1.5" x 6.25"

The folding design makes the chess set small and does not occupy spacewhich is easier to store at home or carry when traveling

12.5'' Portable Travel Chess Set with Interior Storage Folding Magnetic for Adults
Chess Pieces Made by HIPS Plastics MaterialDurable and Not Afraid to FallComfortable Hand-FeelBlack White Color
Chess Pieces Bottom with Magnetic FlanneletteModerate Magnetic Make It be Adsorbed Well on the Chessboardand Does Not Need Much Effort to MoveFlannelette Could Prevent Chessboard from Scratching During Games
ChessBoard Dimensions 12.5" x 0.8" x 12.5" (Playing)12.5" x 1.5" x 6.25" (Folding)HIPS Plastics MaterialInterior StoragePortable FoldingEasy to Carry and Store
Package Includes 1x Folding Chess Board + 32x Chess Pieces

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