Animal Memory Game for Toddlers 24 Years 72 Matching Cards Memory Matching Game for Toddlers 24 Years Toddler Matching Game Memory Games for Kids 3 and Up Matching Games for Kids Ages 35 Dedicated Deck Card Games Wood 9yi4KBpOK

Animal Memory Game for Toddlers 24 Years 72 Matching Cards Memory Matching Game for Toddlers 24 Years Toddler Matching Game Memory Games for Kids 3 and Up Matching Games for Kids Ages 35 Dedicated Deck Card Games Wood 9yi4KBpOK

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Are you looking for some funquietlearning activities for your preschoolers Games puzzle matching game cards are perfect for this. We are Sol and Joyhelping your child to develop and learn through fun and creativity. Our match card games are a great opportunity to teach your kiddo all about animalsand you can even make things extra fun by telling them the noises each animal makes. A set of lovely sorting animal cards not only allows your children to sort and match animals but you can also make informational and adorable wall art in a playroom or bedroom with animal matching cards. For older childrenanimal matching cards can be used as inspiration for drawing their own animals. In additionwith the animal cards facing you or the toddlerwhoever sees the animal makes the animal noiseand the other person has to guess what animal it is. Our toddler matching games ages 2-4 is a quiet activity for developing concentration and memory. Children learn about taking turns and matchmaking in the animal match game as they try to make pairs of different animals. With more playersit's even more of a memory challenge to remember where the cards are that have already been turned over. Animal match games help to encourage bonding with your kid. The toddler animal flashcards enable you to promote the skills of identification and good memory power in your toddler from a very young age. Kids will surely learn fast with animal matching cardsbut also love to play a lot. ThereforeIt's important to incorporate the kids' memory enhancement game into their play routine and encourage your child to learn as they play. First memory game is fun and entertaining. It not only decreases the screen time of your children but also helps your kids in boosting many other traits and as a result your junior has - Improved concentration - Exercise for the brain -Better attention span - Improved cognitive skills -Quicker thinking skills - Improved focus -Enhanced brain functions

The Learning Zoo - Animals are loved by all. So an animal match game is a better way for kids to connect and relate to an animal than studying and remembering them. Thereforewe are introducing toddler animal flashcards that are dementia products to increase your children's IQsatisfy their curiosityand help them learn about the world around them. Furtheranimal match games are also a great source of fun.
No Less than Excellent - Animal matching cards are designed in a way that parents can help their children grow and understand their surroundings by having unique animal matching cards. Sodeluxe matching games of endangered and extinct animals enable your child to learn more about amazing animals as the animal game comes with informational cards as well. Great for a variety of possible activities!
A Subtle Degree of Difference - Animal match game includes 24 unique pairs of matching animal cards. 24 informational cards of each animal and 72 cards in all. Soyour little one will have hours of fun with the first 72 animals matching card game. The matching cards are large in size while the informational cards are extra-large for information readability.
Moving Enjoyment for Junior Junction - The animal match game box features portability; an easy to open and easy to close box to keep your juniors world moving. Animal matching cards measure 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches while Informational cards measure 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches. Furthermoreanimal matching cards are thick and sturdy as constructed from high-quality paper card stock.
Adventure Time for Little Wonders - The animal match game offers a really fun activity for younger and older children; taking these cards along with you to the zoo. You can even take a picture of your child at each animal exhibit. The first memory game helps to keep your kids focused and on a mission. Kids will try to identify the animals through animals matching cards to real-life animals.
Enhance Visual Perception - In the ability of a child to identifyunderstandevaluate and interpret a set of various objectsincluding animal match cardstoddler learning games played a vital role. Memorizing games contributes to improving the child's visual perceptions to a point where they can visualize results mentally with little or no test and error. The first memory game also helps to improve vocabulary and language.

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