Counting Bears with MatchingSorting Cups 4 Dice Tweezers and an Activity eBook for Toddlers and Early Childhood Education 71 pc Game Set in Pastel Colors Learning Education Blue J9GJMtsfS

Counting Bears with MatchingSorting Cups 4 Dice Tweezers and an Activity eBook for Toddlers and Early Childhood Education 71 pc Game Set in Pastel Colors Learning Education Blue J9GJMtsfS

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Teddy bear counters have become useful tools for many parents as well as homeschool preschool kindergarten and elementary school educators

Learning counting and color association concepts can be fun and engaging if you turn the education into a game This counting bear game is such an entertaining activity that kids wont even realize how much they learn in the process

With this game you will receive an activity eBook that is printable easy to use and need little if any prep

The counting bear game helps children recognize and associate colors These same recognition skills conditioned with this game help children observe associate sort and label the characteristics of other objects in the real world around them

The ability to identify colors is considered a milestone in a childs cognitive development and is often part of early screening for development and educational admittance Early identification of colors helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words

Manipulatives are concrete objects that can be viewed and physically handled by kids in order to model abstract concepts The use of manipulatives like the counting bears provided gives kids handson active learning experience Furthermore utilization of manipulatives in mathematics education can support childrens understanding of numerous mathematical concepts

Children can use the counting bars in math to address mathematical standards like

  • Sorting bear counters into group by colors
  • Count by two or any other multiple
  • Using the colors of the bears for patterns see ebook activities
  • Practice addition and much more see ebook activities

  • Handson educational experience helps children visualize math concepts and gain insight into necessary fundamentals of early cognitive development

    Safety Information

    not intended for babies and children that still place objects in their mouths

    Legal Disclaimer

    SET4kids is the only authorized seller of this toy

    COUNTING BEARS a FUN and EDUCATIONAL STEM game The game includes 60 bears 4 dice 6 cups tweezers and a storage container Also included an Ebook with instructions of how to play the game and additional printable activities The game is great for both boys and girls whether as a BIRTHDAY or a HOLIDAY gift for OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY and for children with special needs ADHD Autism as a SENSORY TOY Counting Bears provides hours of ENTERTAINMENT and LEARNING FUN
    SORTING COLORS Children are introduced to sorting in preschool or kindergarten math lessons The game gives your child the opportunity to develop logical reasoning skills and help foster critical thinking Color recognition with added numbers presented in 3 different dice will provide early exposure to math and promotes your childs confidence
    MATH MANIPULATIVE Kids experience MATH LEARNING that is FUN STIMULATING MOTIVATING and ENTERTAINING Kids build CONFIDENCE at a young age by playing math games Building a SOLID FOUNDATION by playing SET4kids games can significantly reduce math anxiety later in school For TODDLERS A GREAT MONTESSORI TOY Counting colored bears teaches COLOR RECOGNITION GROUPING and CATEGORIZING which are important skills for toddlers as well as a great brain connections builder
    FOR PRESCHOOLERS AND OLDER Dice games are fun and educational kids can get engaged through more complex activities using the multiple dice and games provided in the Ebook that build skills in PATTERS ADDITION and SUBTRACTION
    SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER 1 CONCERN This toy is made from high quality plastic that is BPH lead and phthalates free The bear is 1 inch long and is NOT intended to use for children under 3 years old or still put object in their mouth

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