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CuteyCo Crafty Sand Kid's Kit features 10 vibrant colors packs (6 oz each). All sand contains a subtle sparkle and offers hours of funsafe play for kids. No polymers in our sandwe provide an organic sand base without the safety worries of unnatural materials. Crafty Sand is made in the United States and offers UV-StableNon-Clumpingodorlessand Non-Toxic colored sand for any use. The Crafty Sand Kid's Kit offers 10 vibrant colors made up of 10 6 ounce bags of colored sand. Crafty Sand is made for all of your sand craft projects including for use with kids as play sandsand artor terrarium design. More Uses Birthday party favorsvase fillersterrariumshome decorfloral designskids activities 10 VIBRANT SAND COLORS in 6 oz packs with added sparkle. The largest color variety makes our Crafty Sand kid's kit perfect for play sandcraft sandsand art and terrarium sand. Great colors both adults and kids love.
RESEALABLE BAGS. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with competitor's one-time-use bags with Crafty Sands resealable plastic bags. Our bags allow you to easily store colored sand for future projects. No problem!
NON-TOXICNON-CLUMPINGUV-STABLE colored sand is safe for use as play sandcraft sandterrarium sandor for sand art projects. CuteyCos colored sand is made in the USA and is UV-stable so your sand art and crafts wont fade in light. Non-clumping sand flows easy for use as play sand and colored sand crafts.
COLORFUL SAFE FUN. Play sand stimulates children's imagination and enhances their tactile ability. Use Crafty Sands colored sand for sand art or endless crafts. No polymers or unnatural materials. Our sand is kid friendly and our sand base is all natural and organic for the safety conscious mom.
WILL NOT BLEED IN WATER. Many colored sands cause a mess when mixed with water. CuteyCo Crafty Sand is the perfect colored sand for craftskids play sandfloral designssucculent terrariumsvase filleror craft sand projects.