Empowering Self Care Questions 52 Stress Relief Cards for Meditation Mindfulness Yoga Gifts Card Games Multi LtbFFOyLb

Empowering Self Care Questions 52 Stress Relief Cards for Meditation Mindfulness Yoga Gifts Card Games Multi LtbFFOyLb

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Effective for Stress Management Self Care

Based on our professional research of over 25 years in the Mindfulness and Meditation industrythis deck of cardswill be your stress relief first aid kitoffering practical help to easily reduce anxiety and promote relaxation when you need it the most. Improve your coping skillsunderstand your emotionslearn to focusimprove your mental healthreduce anxiety improve your self esteem / self care.

Perfect for Everyone

Your soon to be 52 Self Care Empowerment Question Cards are perfect for anyone interested in learning how to stress less and become more present in our busy world. Perfect for yourselffriendclientschool counselingclassroom activitiescounselor giftscoworkerstherapistsstudentspsychologistscolleagueschildren and/or teachers.

WHAT'S INCLUDED The deck includes 55 beautifully designed cards with self care empowerment questions. The insight cards come packaged in a beautiful box that makes it a perfect gift to empower women. Taking care of your mental health just got a whole lot easier with our empowering cards. They have been approved by therapists and counselors and are a great meditation item.
EMPOWER YOURSELF These cards for calm were made with the help of a therapist counselor who specialize in Mindfulness and Meditation. The mindfulness practices are proven to help you daily with conversationcoping skillstherapycounselingdepressionmental healthleadershipgratitudemindfullnesssobrietyappreciationdbtrecovery much more. Woosah and meditate your way to becoming your best self.
HELPS YOU BECOME MORE CONFIDENT Stress from everyday life can get overwhelming and increase your anxiety and depression. Each inspirational card will help you discover all the answers to help you worry less and focus on what really matters. Examine yourselffind out who you truly aremanifest your dreams / goal and regain your confidence.
WHO'S IT FOR They were designed for menwomenadultsteens kids of all ages. These growing mindful activity cards are great for journalingwriting words or any other empowering process. This set of reflection cards will help you with stressanxietydepressionimproves your mood and much more.
PERFECT FOR GIFTS It's a great gift for female empowermentfor a spiritual yoga loverself lovealcoholicssober giftspsychology toysbehavioral teen therapy tools for counselorsgames for one player adultaffirmation cards for worktoken of appreciation or group therapy card games. Our everyday questions starter kit makes it easy to understand your true self.

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