ErgoErgo Ergonomic Stool for Active Sitting Blue Weighted Blankets Blue jov42ZmfX

ErgoErgo Ergonomic Stool for Active Sitting Blue Weighted Blankets Blue jov42ZmfX

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Happy Sitting!

The award-winning ErgoErgo is perfect for working and relaxing. Use it in officesschoolslibrariesdormshotelshealthcare facilities #9989; FLEXIBLE ACTIVE SEATING Active sitting on ErgoErgo allows your body vitality and ease. With two feet flat on the groundyou can move gently through a wide range of positions. Engage your corerelieve your lower backand enjoy greater abdominal spaciousness with deeper breathing
#9989; IMPROVES FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION ErgoErgo is a great option as an office desk chairflexible classroom furniturea gaming chairand innovative seating for everyone from office workers to pregnant moms to seniorsartistsand computer engineers. Micro-movements send more vital blood and oxygen to the brainkeeping the mind alertaware and awake.
#9989; IDEAL FOR ANY SPACE ErgoErgo is perfect for officesschoolslibrariesdormshotelsfitness centershealthcare facilitiesand as your own home ergonomic computer chair. The selfcushioning effect when you sit gives it the height of a standard chair. ErgoErgo makes for fun public seating and is compact enough for the smallest space.
#9989; PATENTED SAFETY TESTED Patented Safety Tested ErgoErgo has passed the rigorous tests for weight-load and robustness established by the BIFMAthe Business and Institutional Manufacturers of America. ErgoErgo patents include US Utility Patent 8,007,417US Design Patent D628,662 and European Community registered design 001207666-0001.
#9989; BUILT TO LAST The ErgoErgo wobble seat is proudly made in the USA of recyclable technopolymer. The flat base allows for stability and a weight capacity of up to 225 pounds. ErgoErgo is perfect for anyone between 5

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