FisherPrice Little People Animal Rescue Playset Playsets Multicolor 991nOLz3f

FisherPrice Little People Animal Rescue Playset Playsets Multicolor 991nOLz3f

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Toddlers become tiny heroes of their Fisher-Price Little People community with this interactive pet rescue playset! Whena kitty friend gets stuck in a treeyour toddler can press the Discovery Button to turn on the lightat the firestation andsend Firefighter Roband his truck racing into action with songs and phrases. Need air support Turn the crank to get the helicopter's propellers spinningtime to fly!When kitty is safely back on the groundMia can take her to the vet center to make sure she's OK before taking her back to the pet adoption centerwhere a puppy friend is waiting for his bath. With this super fun playsettoddlers see how animals depend on people to care for and assist their four-legged friends! Where development comes into play; Sensory Soft tree leavesbright colors lightsand fun sounds phrases stimulate your toddler's developing senses. Curiosity Wonder As toddlers discover how to press the Discovery Button tosend inthe firetruck with all its fun soundsthey'll see how their actions can make fun things happena great intro to cause effect! Emotions Self-Expression As kids rescue care for the animalsthey're beginning to learn what it feels like to take care of someone else.

Includes Mia figureFirefighterRobfigureand 2 animal figures

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