Heavy Tournament Triple Weighted Chess Set Combo Navy Blue Board Games Green ogz95VOup

Heavy Tournament Triple Weighted Chess Set Combo Navy Blue Board Games Green ogz95VOup

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The Wholesale Chess Heavy Tournament Chess Set Combo is perfect for clubtournamentschooland home use. Weighted piecesa regulation vinyl chess boardand a nylon canvas bag with room for the set plus accessories makes this set convenient.

Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces

These chess pieces feature a 3-3/4" king (standard regulation size); they're triple weighted and have paper felt on the bottom for easy sliding across the included vinyl board. In additionthe set includes an extra queen of each color for pawn promotionplus a classic Staunton design and traditional black and white pieces.

Carry-All Chess Bag

This handy carry-all bag has space for the piecesa padded pocket in the center with room for a chess clock (not included)elastic loops on the side for holding the rolled-up vinyl chess boardand a pocket for scorebooksother booksor other accessories. The board and the bag are both navy blue.

The padded clock pouch is 9" x 5" x 2"which is large enough for most chess clocks to easily and securely fit inside. Even if you don't carry a clock inside the bag with youthe design of the bag will keep it balanced with just your pieces and board.

The 24" x 7" bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap for easy transportationorif you don't like the shoulder strapyou can always use the attached carrying handles.

The blue vinyl board included in this set has standard 2-1/4" squaresmaking the whole board 20" x 20" overall. It also features clear and legible algebraic notationa must-have for tournaments and clubs.

Since all of this equipment meets tournament regulationsonce this set arrivesyou'll be ready for your clubyour tournamentor your friendly home chess game.

The pockets inside the bag each have a zipper and help to keep your pieces neatly together when you're taking your set from place to place.

Full set of 34 triple weighted chess pieces with 3 3/4" King (INCLUDES EXTRA QUEENS OF EACH COLOR)
20" Vinyl roll-up chess board in navy blue
Tournament chess bag in navy blue with space for piecesboardand other supplies
Great club and tournament chess set

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