Mafia The Party Game a Game of Lying Bluffing and Deceit Dedicated Deck Card Games Black HzvQi1T2H

Mafia The Party Game a Game of Lying Bluffing and Deceit Dedicated Deck Card Games Black HzvQi1T2H

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Mafia Basics

The Mafia have infiltrated your town! You must find them andeliminatethem. Each day youthe civilianswill hold a town hall meeting to vote for a suspected Mafia to eliminate. Get it right and you might survive. Get it wrongand you're in danger because every night the Mafia secretly meet and choose a civilian to kill...

There aretwo teams; Mafia and Civilians and the game is dividedinto two phases; night and day. The Civilians win if theyeliminate all the Mafia players and the Mafia win if theyequal or outnumber the Civilian players.

You can substitute Civilian and Mafia cards with optionalrole cards. The optional roles add more depth andexcitement to the game.

Just a Few of the 18 Additional Roles

The Moderator wakes the Detective eachnight to select a player to investigate. The Moderatorwill signal the Detective if the selected player is Mafia.

The Moderator wakes the Doctor each night toselect a player to save. The selected player will not dieif selected by the Mafia that night. The Doctor mayselect himself but cannot select the same player twonights in a row.

Taking the law into his own handsthe Moderator wakes the Vigilante each night to select aplayer to kill. Optional the Moderator may limit thenumber of times the Vigilante may kill per game.

The head of the Mafia... the Godfatherwakes and acts with the Mafia each night. TheGodfather appears as a Civilian when investigated bythe Detective. The Mafia lose if the Godfather dies.

Made Man
A recruiter for the Mafia... the Made Manwakes and acts with the Mafia each night. Once pergamethe Made Man selects a player to recruit. Afterselectionthe Moderator secretly taps the selectedplayer. That player now acts and wins with the Mafia.

Serial Killer
The Moderator wakes the Serial Killereach night to select a player to kill. The Serial Killerwins if he or she is the last player alive.

Mafia is a game of lyingbluffing and deceit
Players are secretly assigned the role of Mafia or Civilians and do their best to eliminate the other team
This Mafia set includes 38 cardsinstruction manualand a logo pouch
7+ Players10 to 30 mins to playages 13 and up

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