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Mega-Set Of 96 Conditions Forget about 72pc sets or even 80pcsbecause all you really want is the most RPG condition markers for your dollarright The TidyBoss DnD Condition Rings Set comes with 96 tokens in 24 categorieswith generic Magical Effects and Physical Effects to expand those categories even more!
Durable Acrylic We couldnt believe our eyes when we saw other rpg markers made from cardboard! Its obvious they bend and perish under someones spilled drink! But theseare not those! We used long-lasting crystalline acrylicit looks greatbut also lasts for an infinite number of games. Each ring is 1.53wide and an inside width of 1 to fit all standard DnD figurines.
Easy To Read TidyBoss dnd rings are colored for easy ID. We also have Hex and Hunters Mark - often missing spell effects from other sets. Incl BlindedDeafenedInvisibleExhaustionIncapacitatedUnconsciousPhysical EffectCharmedConcentrationFrightenedParalyzedStunnedRestrainedGrappledRagingPetrifiedPoisonedHunter's MarkBlessedMagic effectHexCursedBaneBanished.
With Branded Case This set of 96 DnD Condition Markers comes with a black transparent plastic casebranded so it looks the part next to your other gaming supplies. The large gaps make grabbing each tracker token easyand the lid creates a tight seal against each gap so the dungeons and dragons status markers dont mix together.
Trial NowRisk Free The TidyBoss DnD Spell Effects Status Ring Set comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guaranteeso you get to try itand see how good it is to have those essential Hex and Hunters Mark Dungeons and Dragons condition markersin sturdy acrylic and with functionalattractive storage. Soif youre ready to stop trying to remember affects or scribble on bits of paperor battle with cardboard DD condition ringstake the initiative and try TidyBoss now!